What is the Adult Protective Services Act?

What is the Adult Protective Services Act?

The Adult Protective Services Act assures local agencies funded by the Illinois Department on Aging offer help to persons age 60 and older who may be abused, neglected, abandoned, or exploited by family, household members, or caregivers. Any person who suspects the abuse of a senior may report this to the local agency.

Someone who makes a report thinking it is in the senior’s best interests is immune from legal liability. They are also immune from professional disciplinary action. Their identity cannot be disclosed unless the person consents or if a court order demands it.

Some people must report abuse of a senior if they think that the senior is not able to seek help. These people are called mandated reporters. Social workers, policemen, teachers, and doctors are all mandated reporters.

Mandatory reporting does not apply to lawyers and legal service providers or bankers.

More information about elder abuse and neglect, including warning signs, can be found on the Illinois Department on Aging website.

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